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Custom scientific and medical illustrations and animations

We are passionate about the beauty of science. We believe in the power of images that are both scientifically accurate and beautiful to attract your target audience and efficiently communicate your message.

We make 3D medical and scientific illustrations and animations. With our medical illustrations and animations we transform complex concepts into attractive and clear messages to your target audience.

With our medical animations and illustrations, we help pharmaceutical companies, medical marketing agencies, medical product manufacturers, science communicators, and other professions related to life sciences clearly communicate their research.

Our mission at Massouh bioMEDia is to use our unique expertise in both science and 3D visualizations to give life to your science!

Scientific illustrations

Be it for publications, scientific posters, conferences material or trade shows, our illustrations will help you to better explain the nature of your work.

Scientific and medical animations

You want to explain the mechanism of action of a drug, an illness, surgical procedure or another aspect of medical science? Our team will find the best way to give life to your science!

Science in 3D

To create custom illustrations and scientific animations, Massouh BioMedia uses 3D infographic techniques. We can also create 2D images.

Scientific expertise

Massouh BioMedia is the first company specialized in medical and scientific 3D animations and illustrations in Quebec. We have the scientific knowledge coupled with the expertise in creating 3D visualizations that allow us to transform your content into a scientific images with the « wow factor ».

Massouh bioMEDia